Twill Sequence
for Mental Health

An intelligent system of care

When it comes to mental health, the gap between need and care has never been wider. Twill’s Mental Health Sequence is scientifically designed to close the gap created by disjointed point solutions—without needing to replace your existing mental health and well-being benefits.

Read more about our comprehensive solution that weaves together multiple strands of care to intelligently guide each person to the mental health support that they need, when they need it, in the way they want in our latest white paper.

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Essentials for mental health

Our Mental Health Sequence is a digital-first, scientifically designed solution for mental health support that’s seamlessly integrated, highly personalized, and easily accessible.

Effective, engaging solutions

We provide supportive tools that people want to spend time with. These solutions are helpful for those with active clinical care needs, as well as those who may not recognize their mental health challenges.

Simplify your system of care

Twill untangles the complexity of navigating behavioral health by providing a common access point to all health benefits.

Meet the needs of your people

Twill personalizes each experience to ensure we meet members at the right step along their mental health journey. Our products are built with user agency in mind, providing them with health tools, assessments, and clinically-reviewed content to empower them along their health journey.

The elements of our
Mental Health Sequence

Twill’s Mental Health Sequence contains a configurable mixture of any of the following solutions, each drawn from the Intelligent Healing Platform.

Digital therapeutics
and well-being

Twill’s range of digital therapeutic and well-being products are scientifically designed to support behavior change through personalized, self-guided programs.

Each of our intervention-based activities is founded on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, positive psychology, and other evidence-based behavior change modalities.

Our user experiences are hyper-personalized, to provide highly engaging products that people enjoy spending time with.


Twill Care for Well-Being

Twill Care for Well-Being provides support and empowerment for people interested in caring for their mental and emotional well-being. In addition to offering access to HCPs, this community focuses on a variety of self-care topics, such as managing stress, sleep, anxious feelings, low mood, sadness, and negative thoughts.

Coaching and
telebehavioral health


Offer a goal-oriented experience with Duet—our live coaching service. Duet offers unlimited, anytime access to coaches who support a person’s health journey based on specific needs.


Seamless integration

Deliver the best possible care through a seamless, digital-first experience. Our open and configurable platform integrates and incorporates your existing digital solutions with Twill’s partner and other third party services, simplifying access and optimizing your existing investments.

Connected services

Alleviate the friction that some members may experience by providing unified access to all eligible benefits, resources, and content—such as digital therapeutics, coaching, EAPs, and more.

Real science, real people, real results

Everything we create is grounded in science. Each element that makes up a Mental Health Sequence is clinically designed to support a range of care.

Unrecognized depression is associated with direct medical costs that are 149% higher than costs for those without depression.

Source: Mohandas, A., Tak, C.R., Mackie, D.S., Rowland, J., Modi, K. (2021, November). The Economic Burden of Depression with Concurrent Anxiety in a General Population of US Adults: Data from the National Health and Wellness Survey.

A study of Twill products showed active users experienced a 26% improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms over an 8 week period.

Source: Twill protocol HPY-HLS-21

Use of a Twill wellness product could result in cost savings of $2322 per member per year by reducing symptom severity.

Source: Kavelaars, R., Powell, T., Mohandas, A. (2022, May). Budget Impact of a Digital Wellness Intervention for Managing Depression and Anxiety Symptoms: A Payer and Employer Perspective. Poster presented at ISPOR 2022, the annual meeting of The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research.

Put our Intelligent Healing Platform to work for you.

Twill is available in multiple languages, supports a variety of chronic conditions, and touches more than 18 million lives.

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