Transform patient behaviors
and improve well-being

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90% of pharma digital
initiatives struggle to engage

Despite 3 in 4 of US adults starting their healthcare journey online, a study found only 8% of patients have ever used a Patient Support Program, and only 3% have downloaded a digital therapy solution.¹ There is a clear digital disconnect for the vast majority of patients, especially those who are underserved.

Twill partners with over 10 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies to address this issue by weaving together simpler, more comprehensive and connected support. Twill uses culturally-conscious content to recruit and engage diverse patient populations wherever they are in their care journey.

Find and activate hard-to-reach patient

Over 5M

patients activated by Twill

3.5% CTR

on sponsored content (8x industry average)

1.7% CTR

on display ads
(>3x industry average)

Engage and guide patients to the right content and resources
  • Variety of resources with 5,000 evidence-based activities
  • Personalized content through AI and machine learning
  • Guided care experiences to PSP resources, third-party services, and others

31% of Twill users stay active after 24 months²

Drive impactful behaviors

Our approach is grounded in evidence-based key drivers that encourage patients to adopt
healthier behaviors.

Peer-to-peer support, community connection, and access to healthcare professionals
Self-guided support for behavior intervention 
Live coaching and telebehavioral health can be woven into patient support
Intervention referrals to PSP resources or third-party services
Education through engaging articles, videos, and short-form content for a diverse audience

Improve outcomes and value

Better well-being


A study of Twill products showed active users experienced a 26% improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms over an 8 week period³

Increased conversion


4x script conversion of Twill users to therapy vs. matched controls⁴

Improved adherence


A recent study found 7% higher proportion of days covered for targeted therapies among Twill Care users than a matched comparator group⁵

Significant ROI


10x ROI for partner engaging with Twill⁶

Digital-led care, tailored to your population and needs

Sequences™ are our digital-led solutions designed to support the care journeys
of people with specific medical conditions and health needs.

Chronic Conditions

Better management and support for people with chronic conditions within a scientifically designed, personalized, and digital-first care journey.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Our digital-first, clinically designed solution for mental health and well-being.


Our fully customizable, digital-led care solutions can be scaled to support many conditions, needs, and populations of any size.

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Let’s deliver care
‘beyond the pill’

So far, Twill partners with over half of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies. Find out how we can partner with you to transform patient behaviors, improve well-being, and increase your revenue.

Get behavioral data insights

1. Phreesia 2021; Juniper Research 2022 2. Based on 100,739 B2B users of Happify, Twill’s wellness product vs 24 mos avg. user retention for Twitter 3.Twill Protocol HPY-HLS-21 4.External claims data analysis: compared Twill with a 1:1 matched control sample from general market; 95% confidence level. Considered gender, age, geography, diagnosis, and comorbidities to identify matched control. 5. Twill users had, on average, 7% higher proportion of days covered (+2.1 covered days per month) than a matched comparator group; third party analysis 6. Internal claims data analysis: assumes a $3.7M investment and an ASP of $6,300 per script