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The Intelligent Healing Platform

Our proprietary platform weaves all sides of healthcare together, allowing us to shorten the distance between need and care by improving access, and rapidly generating distinct products that drive real outcomes for real people.

The Intelligent Healing Platform delivers intelligent journey management and care.

Technology with humanity

Seamlessly connect people to the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want. Intelligent Healing is made possible by our clinician-trained AI which learns, adapts, and guides people through an engaging care journey.

Therapeutic Intelligence

Our unique approach to AI powers our entire Intelligent Healing Platform—and it’s anything but artificial. Trained by clinicians and computer scientists, Therapeutic Intelligence infuses technology with humanity to establish real connections that make digital healing more personal.

Taylor, your Therapeutic Assistant

Unlike other health chatbots, Taylor is a clinician-trained Therapeutic Assistant that learns, interprets, and understands each person’s needs and goals to guide them towards personalized care.

Therapeutic Media

We deliver Therapeutic Media by transforming thousands of evidence-based interventions into effective care tools people want to spend time with. Our proprietary and ever-expanding content library houses thousands of therapeutic interventions, such as activities, videos, audio, and other media.

Coaching and telebehavioral health

The right guidance can simplify any care journey. Our coaching offerings are centered around supporting member goals to help them improve their well-being—at their pace and on their time.

Duet live coaches

One-on-one coaching from Twill. Duet provides you with a dedicated live coach who’s trained in evidence-based protocols to deliver an integrated, goal-oriented care experience. Duet coaches offer genuine interaction via digital connection, all while measuring emotional well-being and tracking progress.

Put our Intelligent Healing Platform to work for you.

Twill is available in multiple languages, supports a variety of chronic conditions, and touches more than 18 million lives.

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